Saturday, April 20, 2013

Paper by fifty three

I drew this on paper by fifty three app for the ipad. Because you really can make some cool shit on an ipad drawing platform. Of course that is only the halfway thought picture. I actually started this one off as a robot in space, but it turned into a bird filled with energy and light. I made it look kind of light painting-ly. In a way. I call this one "solar" and this is the finished product. Yay! See how much better it looks? I'm hoping to slap this one on an iPhone case and see if anyone will by it. It could also be used for a tattoo design. If anyone wants to buy the design from me comment on this post, or email me ( and you can paypal me the $$, ) for pricing.

Creativity in materials.

Hi everyone, Im turning my art into products to sell, hoping to start off my art career. I just made an ipad mini case with a digital piece I made the other day. I used to have a zazzle store before and similar, with not much luck. So I'm gonna start to step up my game, and try to start a career, or for now, some sort of side art job to get me started.

I have sold before, to art auctions, and family members, but outside of schools or auctions or family it's a much harder world out there for artists, and creative minds. We must strive together, in hopes our artistic endeavors with end in success.

So as I've said, here's my ipad mini case design. Hoping to do newer designs soon. So keep updated.
Faceless ipad mini case